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Keep Your Email Private and Secure

  1. The first rule of email privacy: Unless encrypted, email is never really private. - Always keep this in mind when composing email messages. Email is easily hacked so pretend that every email you send will be featured on the front page of your local newspaper and you should be okay.

  2. Keep a short leash on your main email account. - Most people are beginning to understand that you should only give out your main email account to those you trust. To take this approach a step further, consider creating temporary email accounts that forward all messages to your main account. Every six months create a new temporary account and delete the existing one. Using this method you'll never have to worry about whether or not that newsletter you signed up for came with a free side order of all-you-can-eat SPAM.

  3. Use a contact form on your website. - Linking directly to email accounts on your website in plain text format is an open invitation for email harvesters to acquire your email addresses. This quite often results in getting your addresses added to a list that is eventually sold to spammers and the barrage of junk email ensues. Contact forms, if done properly, hide your email addresses from prying eyes and keep your email addresses out of the hands of spammers. If you still feel the need to list email accounts on your website, it is advisable to use temporary accounts as mentioned above so junk mail is kept to a minimum.

  4. Ignore "unsubscribe" pleas. - You should never attempt to unsubscribe from any list that you did not explicitly subscribe to. This little trick is a sneaky way of finding out if you are actively using your email account and unsubscribing will only end up netting you more junk mail since spammers know there is a real live human being at the other end. Simply delete junk messages without unsubscribing and move on.

  5. Configure your email client to read and send email in plain text format. - Phishing, a term used to describe identity theft attempts via email, is much harder to accomplish within a plain text email. Furthermore, if given the choice, elect to receive any subscription emails such as newsletters in plain text format as well.

  6. Stop forwarding chain letters. - Alarmingly, nine out of every ten computer viruses are spread via email. Chain letters provide very few legitimate purposes and often serve to propagate the spread of worms, viruses, etc. As these messages are often based on hoaxes to begin with, they should be treated as SPAM and sent straight to the bit bucket!

  7. Sign your outgoing email messages with a digital signature. - Digital signatures offer a way to help recipients determine the legitimacy of the sender. In addition, adding a digital signature prevents the message from being altered as the signature would break. Authenticity is often important in business correspondence as you may be waiting for important data that you must be certain is arriving unaltered from the proper source.

  8. Use Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) when sending to multiple recipients. - Using the BCC field, in place of the Carbon Copy (CC) field in your email client, hides the list of recipients on each message delivered and keeps the members of your list private. This is often desirable when the members of the list do not know each other or if they have no need to know the actual distribution list.

  9. Attach files carefully. - Whenever possible choose to attach file types that are less prone to malicious activity. For example, Microsoft Word documents (.doc files) are vulnerable to macro viruses so converting to a safer format before attaching is a good idea. Such formats include Adobe's Portable Document Format (.pdf) or Microsoft's Rich Text Format (.rtf).

  10. Choose a secure password. - All attempts to keep your email secure are worthless if you use a weak password for your account. Never use simple passwords or passwords that are easy to guess. Instead choose a password that is at least eight characters long, contains both letters and numbers, and is as meaningless as possible. Strong passwords are the basis for any good security implementation and serve to thwart hackers in their attempts to compromise your systems.

If you need help integrating any of these email practices into your business, contact us today at (269) 978-8840 for a FREE quote. We are here to help!

Our Service Areas

Michigan - Buchanan, Burr Oak, Cassopolis, Centreville, Colon, Constantine, Dowagiac, Edwardsburg, Jones, Kalamazoo, Marcellus, Mendon, Niles, Portage, Schoolcraft, Sturgis, Three Rivers, Union, Vandalia, Vicksburg, White Pigeon

Indiana -Bristol, Dunlap, Elkhart, Goshen, Granger, Howe, Indian Village, LaGrange, Lakeville, Middlebury, Millersburg, Mishawaka, Nappanee, New Paris, Osceola, Roseland, Shipshewana, Simonton Lake, South Bend / Notre Dame, Topeka, Wakarusa

As you can see we cover most areas in Berrien County, Cass County, Kalamazoo County, and St. Joseph County in Southwest Michigan, as well as most areas in Elkhart County, LaGrange County, and St. Joseph County in Northwest Indiana. We may cover other Michiana areas not listed above, contact us to find out about your location.

*Please Note: We service all towns listed above, but customers in our local service area (within 30 miles or less of our location) will not be charged a travel fee. Customers in our service area that are 30 miles or more from our location will still be serviceable, but will be charged the Extended Service Area Fee.

Are you located outside of our extended Michiana service area? Don't worry, we can still help! We provide specific computer services remotely through mail order, phone, or email. Check out the Outside Michiana page for more information.

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"I wanted to express to you how pleased I am with the website and the level of service I received from you folks. The website looks great and I have already been receiving compliments on it! I found you and your staff to be extremely friendly and responsive at helping me get the most out of my new website...[more]"

-Charlie Adams
Charlie Adams Motivation and Training
Mishawaka, IN

"...As a small business owner in Bristol for over twenty years it's a pleasure and a tremendous load off my mind to have a relationship with this company...It's wonderful to have another top notch company here in Bristol. They're the best![more]"

-Thomas Russell
Russell Products, Inc.
Bristol, IN

"...I am very delighted with the way Josh has worked out. Josh is very knowledgeable and patient with all the staff. He answers all the questions that we have....[more]"

-Jim Sharp
Senior Program Director
YMCA of Elkhart County
Elkhart, IN

"Just a little note to say "Thank you" for working on our website. We are so pleased with the instant SEO results! Having people be able to "google" our website is wonderful!...[more]"

-Jeanine & Jim Dziak
Dream Coach Carriages
New Carlisle, IN

"I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for the work you did on our computer system. As you know, computers are basically a mystery to me so, it follows that the cost to fix things are a bigger mystery. Your common language explanation of what needed to be done and your up front pricing made for a refreshing experience...[more]"

-Larry Welborn
Mr. Rooter of Southwest Michigan
Sturgis, MI

"Wingenuity takes an enormous worry off my shoulders by being my on-call IT department. As a small business owner, it is not prudent for me to hire IT staff, however I do have important computer related issues that need resolved. Their staff is honest and patient, and they always look for the solution that is economical and efficient...[more]"

-Charrise McCrorey
Full Out and Fearless
Elkhart, IN

"I have so appreciated your help and service in selecting and using my new computer. Your knowledge, efficiency, accuracy, availability, and ability to explain things in a way that I, a "home computer learner," can understand has far exceeded any past experience I have had. I WILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOUR SERVICES."

-Gloria Ganger
Residential Customer
Bristol, IN

"It was a pleasure working with you on the creation of our new website. Thanks for taking the time to make sure we were satisfied with each and every page. From start to finish it was apparent that we made the right choice by selecting your company. Your open and honest approach to doing business is highly refreshing."

-John Suffern
Career Advancement Network, Inc.
Chicago, IL

"What a pleasure working with you. I think this comes so easy for you that you do not realize now really really good you are. Thank you so much. You have such a way about you that I found working with you to be most enjoyable. You turned something I was dreading into something pleasant...[more]"

-Dee Meyer
Residential Customer
Three Rivers, MI

"I just wanted to tell you how pleased we were with the friendliness of Kim when we first called to see if you could help us with our home computer problems. I had bought my wife Penny a computer a year ago at Christmas, and had nothing but problems trying to get on the Internet to check emails and other things. We spent some $150.00, and several trips to a computer shop, and still could never use the wireless router, let alone get to our email. When I saw your ad stating if you couldn't fix the problem then we would pay nothing, how could I not call you with a deal like that! ...[more]"

-Marty Bergeson
Residential Customer
South Bend, IN

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